Our College

Principal's Message

Prof. (Dr.) Nilima Shukla

"The incandescent of education can diminish the gloom of illiteracy"

Our college Sri Jayadev College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SJCPS) is the pioneer institute of Odisha named after the epoch making stalwart of Sanskrit literature, Mahakabi Sri Jayadev who wrote Gitagovinda Mahakavya. Our institution provides pharmacy education since 1989 with a mission in order to boost up a learning environment and opportunity for the students as learners.

We believe each and every student irrespective of their complexion, cast, creed, back grounds and their ZIP or PIN codes deserves access to quality education and equal opportunity to pursue his or her dreams.We give our utmost efforts for shaping young, impressionable minds to serve the society through quality healthcare facilities.

Our well planned academic activities and innovative teaching methodologies encourage students to exchange thoughts and ideas and also to develop critical-thinking with updated research activities. Our institution in its 32 years legacy in pharmacy education has produced established pharmacy professionals and scientists in various reputed companies, public sectors, hospitals and research laboratories respectively.

Moreover our esteemed institution is based on a blend of spiritual and scientific thoughts which helps to build up a student in to a complete human being meant to serve the mankind.We, the Jayadevians value the glint of creativity, lively curiosity and ingenious minds in our students.

With the best wishes,we invite you to join us in our noble mission.